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Private Party PA 6/5/2010

We really feel like hiring Reflections to play our party was one of the best decisions we ever made. They lived up to exceeded all of our expectations. They were professional, but also kind and friendly. They were relaxed, but damned good at what they do. The Dead live on and happiness flows wherever Reflections goes! Thank you to Paul, Josh, Lizzy, John, and Bob for playing such a big part in such a wonderful day. We'll be catching another show of yours as soon as we can. - Megan & Brian

Private Party, NJ 3/21/2009

Hi Guys & Lizzie,
I truly do not even have the words to tell you how fantastic
you all were on Saturday night. You truly “made” the party!
You are all so talented. I want to make another party just to have you play for all of us again. I can go on and on and sing all of your praises but I imagine you get the point.
I am so grateful that you were able to help make this happen,
and thank you again for staying the extra hour. - My best, Kathy

Nisen Sushi Woodbury NY 2/7/2009

hi--you guys rocked out at nisen last night. thanks!
that was the most fun anybody had in woodbury in years.
party on!! see you at nisen in march - steve

Nisen Sushi Woodbury NY 11/29/2008

I saw/heard you guys (and gal) at Nisen. I was quite surprised at how good all of you were. I was expecting a lousy cover band, but was quite impressed. I'm a longtime deadhead (went to shows in the 70s), just saw Ratdog twice in October, Phil at Nokia 8 times, and DSO the night before your show. I was going back to DSO Saturday, but decided to check out your band with the wife.
You truly sounded great. I can guarantee that the next time you're around, I'll be bringing a crew with me. Get back to Long Island! Thanks for the good time...

Wedding, Manhattan, NY 9/20/2008

We were so happy and pleased with Reflections. They gave us exactly what we were looking for. Our guests loved them. Reflections was a pleasure to work with. The night went wonderful.
A wonderful memory on our wedding day. --Doug and Ellen C.

Wedding, Lancaster, PA 9/13/2008

Words can not describe the immense gratitude I have for the entire band. My husbands' one request was that he wanted to pick out our wedding band. He's very passionate about music and loves the Grateful Dead. We went to hear Reflections play and they had me hooked. The energy of the band, and their talent was a pure delight to listen to. I was so happy with the entire experience; John is a delight to work with and is extremely considerate and understanding to the chaos that comes at times with planning a wedding. The band learned our special songs, 1st dance, father daughter, and they were beyond what I ever expected. I would recommend Reflections to anyone who is looking for a non traditional (non cheesy!) wedding band. -- Adina C.

Corporate Party, Port Chester, NY 7/10/2008

If you are looking for the generic Dead cover band, then stay away. However, if you are trying to capture the spirit of Jerry Garcia from masterfully talented musicians and performers,
Reflections is certainly a must have.
The band has set a new standard for being professional, friendly, and fun. We received raves from our guests about how fantastic the band was. A perfect complement to our party!
I strongly recommend Reflections to anyone looking for a fun band to put an exclamation point on any party or corporate event. --Joe S.

Wedding, Cold Spring, NY 6/28/2008

Both my wife and I are musicians, and I am personally a well-reknowned "music snob" amongst my friends and colleagues. Therefore, picking a wedding band for our reception was a process wrought with stress and second-guessing.
Reflections were perfect.
Not only did they put my wife and I at ease by keeping in constant contact with us throughout the process, they made sure that the song list for our wedding was what we wanted, going so far as to learn 5 songs from scratch that we had said we would like to hear on our "special day" (note: they were not easy songs to learn/perform, either).
Everyone at our wedding loved Reflections. --Chris M.

50th Birthday Party, New York, NY 8/25/2007

Reflections was the highlight of an amazing and eventful evening! I am so glad to have found a band that honors great artists and music by being great artists and playing great music the way it was meant to be played. So many of our guests expressed interest in booking the band in the future, and rightfully so- their talents and professionalism are hard to come by. To John, Lizzie and the rest of the band- thank you for a wonderful night. We will definitely be working with you again in the very near future. --Jennifer L.

Wedding, New Paltz, NY 9/16/2006

Reflections were wonderful from begining to end. We had to switch venues last minute and the band was willing to work with us and wait to the last minute for information on the booking. Once we got the party started the band was a hit with all of the guests. Even guests that weren't tradionally drawn to the style of music that Reflections plays commented on how much they "loved the band." for those that love Jerry and the gang, some thought we had CDs playing of the original artists as they approached the venue, and then realized it was Reflections playing.
We danced and had a great time. From the Two year olds, teens, my 81 year old mother and all the 'Heads' in the group
...we ALL danced and loved them. --Joyce H.

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