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Paul Kates -Bob Guerra - Lizzy Friel - Josh Kates - John Cassano
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Reflections Grateful Dead Cover Band

Grateful Dead Band Members/Friends

Reflections, founded in 2004 for the sole purpose of playing Jerry tunes and having fun!
Not your average Grateful Dead Cover Band
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John Cassano (Bass)

John has always been a bottom dweller playing bass clarinet and E-flat Contra bass clarinet in his youth. For the past 25 years John has played bass guitar in the strange combination of Grateful Dead bands and Elvis Presley shows in the NY/NJ area.

A seven time repeat offender at Jorma's Fur Peace Ranch guitar camp, a student of Jefferson Airplane/Hot Tuna bassist Jack Casady and an avid Phil fan.

Other bands include two Wetlands regulars, Lost Marbles and After Dark, that were in the Tuesday night Grateful Dead rotation.

Basses include an Alembic Sig. and Jack Casady Epiphone.

Bob Guerra (Guitar, Vocals)

Bob has been playing guitar for 25 years. Usually playing his Alembic electric guitar, Bob also has a heavy background flat picking in the bluegrass world and playing Grateful Dead.

Spending much of his time studying the music of Jerry Garcia, he has also studied under Paul Loubriel, Ray Longchamp, and had the pleasure of playing with Buddy Cage (NewRiders), Steve Kimock, and opening for bands like Levon Helm and the Zen Tricksters.

Bob plays an Alembic (wolf) guitar, Travis Bean, and Ibanez guitars.

Josh Kates (Drums)

Josh is delighted to be part of this homage to Jerry! Having a band like this and finding an audience who appreciates the music is something he is extremely grateful for. He is especially proud to be playing in this project with his brother Paul.

A drummer of 20 years, when not working with the band, he is helping other musicians in the selection of products for them to perform with. He truly enjoys the music, the people, and the scene!

Lizzy - Vocals, violin, percussion

A multi talented vocalist, in our view in same league as any of Jerry's previous backup singers, We are continuously pysched to have Lizzy be a founding and active member of Reflections.

Lizzy was choosen by Phil Lesh to become an alumni of Phil Lesh University and had the opportunity to share the stage with Phil and others

Now, along with her vocal abilities, Lizzy brings the violin/fiddle to the table. You may see this in our acoustic sets as well as electric, and certainly our cocktail hour extravaganzas.

Paul Kates (Piano, keyboards)

Paul has been playing piano and keyboards since the age of 11. He studied trumpet from 4th grade until he graduated high school. Three years ago Paul and two of his closest friends formed the band benny girL, which is still going strong. They just released their first ep entitled Blue Bella.

Paul has also composed the music to three children's musicals: Uncle Jeb's Farm, Brothers and Sisters and Starshine which is currently being produced in New York City.

Paul is thrilled to have the opportunity to explore the music of the Jerry Garcia Band and the incredible playing of Melvin Seals. He is also very pleased to be playing music with his brother Josh.